Why You Need Seri Plus Products Right Now

Why You Need Seri Plus Products Right Now

The company pursues and upholds the following principles in an effort to ensure quality assurances in all services provided to our customers:

  • Strict compliance with established international, and national quality standards and requirements
  • Responsibility to clients for the quality of the services rendered
  • Cost efficiency of the services provided
  • Maximum attention and responsiveness to client concerns. Views of our customers override whatever else we do. We pay maximum attention to our clients’ needs.
  • The positioning of the company as employing state-of-the-art technologies and providing services of high quality

Quality Statement:

SERI PLUS has achieved quality by instilling the principle of “Hygiene is our priority” in the efforts of all levels of staff. We ensure continual improvement through quality processes that are directed by a strong management team under the quality control management department.

Quality Commitments:

We are the preferred source of quality hygiene and health services in the manufacturing of standardized products for the betterment of lives.

Quality Management Structure (QMS)

  • A Quality Management System organized to support and satisfy the requirements of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)
  • Prepare procedure manuals, quality management plans, process flowcharts, work methods, operational policies, and forms.
  • Plan work processes.
  • Control product and service activities.
  • Prepare and distribute Annual Business Plan.

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