How World health Organization Directive would mitigate spread of Coronavirus | Covid-19

Health agencies and World Health Organization (WHO) have been on the forefront in issuing directives to lessen or other stop spread of Coronavirus. Scientist who are microbiologists and viral experts

are carrying on tests to find a vaccine for the same virus. Religious people are praying to God to stop the same. All this means the every individual has a responsibility to fight this novel viral pandemic. Ministry of health reiterate that every patriotic citizen loves one’s self, neighbor, friends, relatives, country and this planet should put the following into practice;

  • Wash hands with running water and soap for at least ten seconds
  • Keep social distance of at least one meter
  • Put on face masks when visiting public places
  • Stay at home
  • Isolate yourself and call on ‘711’ when with Coronavirus symptoms

Take a scenario where an infected man travels from Mombasa heading to Kisumu. This man has NO a symptom of mere common cold or flu – leave alone COVID-19 symptoms. The man, wife and daughter stops in Nairobi for a sleep. The book a hotel then proceed to Kisumu on the next morning. After few days he feels and well and goes for common cold checkup. He gets admitted and his pastor among others visits him for prayers. At the clinic in Kisumu where nurses are not professionally protected. The man health deteriorates even more and he continues with his treatment. Later on, the doctors discover that he was COVID-19 infected. Let us substantiate!

When the symptoms erupts the man will already have spent some time in Kisumu. He met people in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. His wife and daughter will with no doubt be infected. Nurses at the hospital who might have missed precautions. Other patients at the hospital and if guest ever visited his home, either way him, his wife and daughter visited friends and neighbors. The contact list will be long.

  • What if he stayed in Mombasa and did not move to Kisumu through Nairobi?
  • And if he travelled to Kisumu, what if he was alone and took self-quarantine for fourteen days?
  • What if the all travelled with Sanitizers and covered their faces with face masks?
  • What if he practiced health directives while in Mombasa that would stop him from getting infected?
  • What if when the family arrived in Kisumu, took self-quarantine for fourteen days by not allowing guests contact?

Life is so precious and we must take care of not ourselves but also everybody around us. This is why the government and Ministry of health has issued curfew and partial inter-county lockdown measures. It will of great help if we adhere to the terms.

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