Brief History

Established on 1st January 2010, SERI PLUS LIMITED Company is a wholly Kenyan-owned company incorporated under Companies Act 486. registered under CPR/2010/29192 in accordance with the company’s act, 2015 laws of Kenya. Its core areas include carrying on the business of general manufacture of sanitizers, antiseptic, disinfectant, detergents, nail polish remover, and distribution of lab diagnostics, surgical instruments and hospital equipment. We provide products to entire continuum of care including homes, hospitals, office, public and private facilities and also non-pharmaceuticals, dental and school chemicals, both locally and internationally. The company specializes in;

  • Serimide antiseptic disinfectant
  • Real clean hands sanitizer gel and liquid
  • Seri surgical spirit
  • Seri methylated spirit
  • Seri Acetone
  • Seri liquid paraffin
  • Hexiditane 5% digluconate


To provide quality medical products with superior value to healthcare providers and end users improving patient care and the quality of people’s lives.


To be the leading manufacturer and suppliers of quality antiseptic, disinfectant and detergents to improve the hygiene and cleaning properties in entire environment.

Core Values

1. Safety

Safety comes first as we strive for accident-free operations

2. Integrity

With Honesty, Trust and Respect: We are committed to the highest ethical standards. It’s what our Customers expect from us and what our Associates expect from their leadership and each other. This is earned through our performance and by our example. The very heart of our business is the faith our stakeholders have in Seri Plus Ltd. We as a Company, and you as a customer, must never do anything to compromise that trust.

3. Team management

With Shared responsibilities we don’t work as one person, we work together as a team. Everybody of good will is a member of our community.

4. Professionalism

We are professionals committed to saving our clients money through cost-effective solutions and value-added products and services while making a fair profit.

5. Committed to Being the Best

Since 2012, our company has been developing and improving on the health and life safety . For over seven years, SERI PLUS LTD has been an integral part of our nation’s vibrancy and strength as well as an industry leader in markets nationwide within the region. We are a company with vast capabilities.

Company Success

Our successful marketing approach is based on 4P’s principle: People, Place, Price and Product. We employ recommendations from our clients. Because scheduling and budgeting concerns are important to Seri Plus Limited, we assign a team of experts to every new product. Our team’s goal is to provide our clients with reliable and expedient products throughout the process, ensuring good health and hygiene.

Davis Samson- Founder and Director

Specific Needs

We strive for quality and standards. Having the full support of the company employees, we consistently produce top quality products that exceed customer expectations. We therefore embrace innovative ideas for  long term potentials, and giving responsibility and authority effectiveness.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

"You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world...
but it requires people to make the dream a reality." Walt Disney